Regardless of your personal situation, there is something that you can do to help. The marching band needs you. Please join us and volunteer. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some exceptional parents like yourself!  The volunteer sign up form can be found here.  




Your name does not have to be Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart to volunteer for this! Simply supply 2 dozen of your favorite goodies individually wrapped (can be store bought) these are sold for $.50 at home football games. We also need bakers to supply goodies for other events such as the January Band Party and the infamous dessert cart for the Jazz Dance. People to make hot foods for the games for resale such as meatball for meatball sandwiches and sausage and peppers, BBQ, and pierogies to name a few. Donations of water and soda are needed throughout the season as well.

Pit Crew:

While the majority of the marching band musician’s carry and play their instruments during performances, there are some large, heavy semi-stationary instruments that are part of the field show. They are known collectively as “the Pit”. These instruments are moved on and off the field by a crew of volunteers using the beloved “Gator” and its trailer. The volunteer Pit crew also is responsible for the loading and unloading of instruments and equipment onto rental trucks for transport to away football games and competitions.

Bandstand Coordinator:

This important person oversees the set-up of the bandstand tents prior to home football games. They arrive at 5:00 PM to help with and oversee students who assist with the set-up.

Bandstand Volunteers:

You don’t have to be wild and crazy but if you are you will fit right in with this crew! From making hot chocolate to selling hoagies, barbeque and sweets they do it all with a smile! The band stand is open for business at all home games!

Cold and Hot Water providers:

A volunteer is needed to bring hot water to the home games to make the hot chocolate with (we supply the thermal containers).

A Volunteer is needed to bring small cold bottled water for all students for all competitions, football games and parades


Several creative parents (or grandparents or siblings) are needed to staff the button making table at the home football games. Pre-made buttons are sold and custom buttons are made on the spot!


Parents are needed to help distribute uniforms to all the marching band members during Band Camp in August (date to be decided), and in November to collect and inventory uniforms


Run a fundraiser or co-run one with a friend, one of the many fundraisers run throughout the school year. Ongoing fundraisers include the Script Program as well as Car Washes and Market Day!

Market Day:

Volunteers are needed from 3:30 to 4:30 to sort orders and 4:30 -5:30 for pick-up. Location and days to be determined.


Must follow EPSD rules regarding clearances, go to http://www.eastpennsd.org/Personnel/Volunteers.html for details.

EPIMC relies on its members to act as chaperones for all marching band activities. This includes home and way games, competitions, parades, band trips and all band social events. Chaperoning responsibilities include general supervision of the students, uniform assistance as needed, general safety and any other duties as deemed necessary by the band director and or staff.

Photographer for the band:

Volunteer needed with photography skills to take group shots of the band in August in full uniform. Date is to be decided. A photographer is also needed for Senior night.

January Band Party:

Adults are needed to chaperone and serve food to the students. This event occurs on the Sunday of Martin Luther king Weekend.

Jazz Dance:

Chairperson is needed. Adults and student volunteers needed for decorating, set-up and clean –up.

Band Banquet Committee:

Chairperson is needed. This dinner celebrates the graduating Seniors accomplishments and is an evening of fun and laughter.

Middle School Band Night:

The High school students host the middle school students at a home football game. Chairperson is needed to make arrangements and volunteers are needed to help serve dinner (pizza).

Senior Night:

Chairperson is needed to make arrangements for the special evening (at a home football game) that honors our Seniors.

Band program Ads:

Chairperson needed to coordinate the collection of ads for the fall and spring concert programs and to format them for the Director.

Senior Awards Committee:

Meet to read essays of Senior applications for $500.00 Senior Awards. Group usually meets in April/May to determine recipients.

Preview Night Volunteer:

Help set-up and clean up for picnic. Also need cooks and extra gas grills.

Halloween Treat Bag:

Volunteer to coordinate the purchasing and filling of treat bags for the students.


Volunteer to become the Bands Liaison to the media for coverage

One final note:

Regardless of your personal situation, there is something that you can do to help. The marching band needs you. Please join us and volunteer. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some exceptional parents like yourself!