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DCI Coming to Allentown

The DCI Eastern Classic will be held August 5-6, at J.B. Crumm Stadium in Allentown.  For those not familiar, Drum Corps International is known as "Marching Music's Major League".  It sponsors this annual competitive circuit, consisting of mostly college-age students, touring the country and competing throughout the summer.  We are fortunate that the Eastern Classic, one of the final competitions before the National Championships, are held in Allentown every year in early August.

For groups more than 20 people, special discounted tickets are available for $20.  Tickets for the Friday show will be available from EPIMC.  If you are interested, please fill out the attached form, with a check for $20 per ticket and mail to EPIMC no later than Monday, August 1. We will have the tickets available near the will-call window at 6:00.  If there are not  enough 0 people interested, we will let you know, return the checks and cancel the outing.  You can then always get tickets at the gate, unfortunately for a higher price.

We know some students have already planned to attend, and may have already pruchased tickets.  We wanted to extend this offer so that anyone else interested could attend.  For information on the show, click here.  Parents or students, if you are associated with a marching band and have never seen one of these shows, we're sure you will be amazed at the talent.  Please respond to dci@epimc.org if you are planning to attend, or have any other questions.   .
EPIMC Admin,
Jul 26, 2011, 3:59 AM