STUDENTS AND PARENTS Are You Available To Volunteer June 25-26 and/or July 23-24 At A Softball Tournament Fundraiser Raising Funds To Support Our Music Program?

     We have the opportunity to "work" the above weekend days opening a food/beverage stand at several fields in the Emmaus area during a summer Softball Tournament.  We opened stands at two fields last summer and raised over $1,000.00 for our music program/students.

     We are looking for STUDENTS AND PARENTS to volunteer for 2 hour shifts between the hours of 7-4 Sat. 6/25 and 7-2 Sun. 6/26 and from 7-4 Sat. 7/23 and 7-2 Sun. 7/24.  We can keep the stand open later on the Saturday dates if we have plenty of volunteers.

     Please check your calendars and email Kathy Norton at if you are able to volunteer your time.  We will not be able to commit to this if we do not have enough helpers.  Please keep in mind that even though not all fundraisers provide profit individually to each student's ISA account, ALL STUDENTS benefit from funds raised at scheduled fundraisers that are raising funds on behalf of the entire music program.  We have to remember this as band is not only for those of us right now.  It is our responsibility to look ahead to the future of EPIMC and for future students that will benefit from our hard work as we have benefited from past families who's hard work and dediction have built this program to what it is today.  Each of you are needed as volunteers from time to time to make a difference and all that each of you do is greatly appreciated!