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Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser 3/7-3/22

posted Mar 6, 2017, 2:50 PM by EPIMC Admin
Spring is coming!!! Warmer weather will be upon us soon!


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When can we start selling?:
Catalogs will be here by TOMORROW MARCH 7TH. 
I have ordered 100 catalogs to be distributed out to the band and colorguard!
Catalogs will be located in the band-room in a box clearly marked so students can take one before they go home.  
Mr. Harrington will be aware of where the box is placed, so that he will be able to direct you to it should you not see it!
Please start your sales as soon as you get your catalogs! Our goal is to have as many people participate as possible! 
You'll be able to use this money for band trips and other events!

How can customers order?:
Your customers can order directly from you via the catalog,
or they can order directly from you via your online shopping link. 
When customers choose to shop online, they have the option to have it delivered right to their front door ...
if they choose this option, please remind them they will see a shipping fee applied to their orders total. 

What type of payment method can we accept?:
When accepting payment you may accept CASH or CHECKS 
Please remember: when taking checks, if their checks bounce it is a $25 fee per check bounced...
with that in mind, it may be easier for you to collect cash and make 1 large check out to:
EPIMC (Band Members) or Emmaus Colorguard (Guard Members)

When do we need to turn orders in?:
Orders are DUE WEDNESDAY MARCH 22nd. (This gives you a whole 2 weeks to collect plenty of sales!) 
Orders can be placed in the TOP SECTION of the wall file box located in the band-room, or given to Rebecca Jones directly. 
You may turn orders in early, but please DO NOT turn them in late or they will not make it into shipping! 
I will check the wall file box periodically for orders.

When can we expect orders to be delivered?:
Orders will come in the week of APRIL 4TH As soon as I get them I will sort them out and 
send out an email to let you know when they are ready and where they can be picked up!