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The East Penn Instrumental Musicians' Club (EPIMC) is a voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to stimulate greater interest in all activities and achievements of the Emmaus High School instrumental music program. It accomplishes this by rendering financial aid and support to benefit the student of such programs.  These programs include Symphonic band, Wind Ensemble, Esquires Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Color Guard, Indoor Winter Guard, Majorettes, and associated groups.
EPIMC is a non-biased organization and concentrates its efforts on the groups needing the most assistance. The Marching Band, a competitive traveling unit, requires the support of many band parent volunteers, who are EPIMC members. The Club helps organize fundraisers for the purchase or repair of instruments and also to allow the students to earn money for the annual band trip and purchase or repair of their own musical equipment. Each year Senior Awards are also awarded to senior students who are actively involved in the music program.
The Club is directed by an executive board, which is elected by the members. Membership is mostly comprised of interested, energetic band parents who meet monthly to discuss all aspects of the band's activities. By working with the band director, instructors and field staff, EPIMC helps provide a safe, challenging and rewarding experience for all band members.
It is vital that all band parents become EPIMC members. Only with the help of parent volunteers can the Club continue to support the Marching Band, and through membership in the Club, parents demonstrate genuine interest and support of their children's activities.
Please check the membership page for information about joining EPIMC.

What EPIMC (band boosters) does for the EHS band programs:
  • Supports all Emmaus High School band programs
  • Purchases instruments and equipment for all band programs
  • Organizes fundraisers for Individual Student Accounts (ISA)
  • Funding for Drum Major camp
  • Provides three senior award scholarships for students in all band programs
  • Provides senior award plaques
  • Provides and organizes band events for the students
    • Band Camp: provides dinner every day, Rita's ice, and t-shirts for every student
    • Picnic for preview night
    • Middle school band night
    • Senior night
    • January band party
    • Band banquet for seniors
    • Rita's ice for Memorial Day parade

2016-17 Board Members
Vice President
Corresponding Secretary
Recording Secretary

Volunteer Coordinator
Brenda Early

Leigh Kleinberg
ISA Treasurer
Addie Zimmerman

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